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Travel Tryout Info

Deadline to Register = June 21

Birth Year Matrix

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U.S. Soccer assigns birth years


Tryouts will be July 9th and July 16th and they will run from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm @ Press Fields.  All participants are expected to attend both sessions as skills will be assessed in different formats each day. Parents are expected to drop their kids off and not return until the try out is complete.


**ATTN: If your son is going to be starting 8th grade this fall, he DOES NOT need to tryout. He only needs to register as usual for the Fall and Spring/Summer Seasons.

Use Birth Year Chart above to figure out what age group player will belong to in 2020. Come to the tryout for that age group.


U9 - U10

Check in 5:00-5:30

Warm up 5:15-5:30

Try Out 5:30-6:30


U11 - U12 

Check in 6:00-6:30

Warm up 6:15-6:30

Try Out 6:30-7:45


U13 - U14

Check in 7:15-7:45

Warm up 7:30-7:45

Try Out 7:45-9:00


A. Tryouts – New Richmond Area Youth Soccer Association (NRAYSA) philosophy

1. Our goal in the tryout process: We believe that placing a player at the appropriate playing level is key to their overall development. Tryouts are used to effectively divide players between teams of differing competitive levels within an age group. Tryouts are for families intending to register for competitive traveling soccer.

2. Players will be evaluated and placed on the play level that is appropriate for their skill level. Players who do not make a traveling team may then join the Rec program and are encouraged to tryout again the following season.

3. “Open” tryouts: Anyone can try out for NRAYSA. Teams are formed seasonally on a merit basis and players are not guaranteed a spot just because they played the previous season. “Open” tryouts means open to all who are eligible and register, to both new and current players.

B. Fairness and transparency: NRAYSA is committed to having a team formation procedure in place that allows for equal opportunity for all players. Our assessors are trained individuals. We attempt to secure the best assessors in the area who are trained in the tryout process. Assessors may be brought in from outside the club, or may be experienced members of NRAYSA. Assessors are carefully selected by the Director of Coaching and HS Boys Rep. Although no tryout process is perfect, we believe that we are giving each player an equal opportunity to make a team, where the environment, conditions and assessors are the same for all participants.

C. Tryouts – General Information

1. NRAYSA will hold tryouts for all players wishing to be on a competitive traveling soccer team each year.

2. All players born in 2011 (U9/10) and earlier, may attend and participate in traveling tryouts.

3. 2012 (U8) birth year and younger are not eligible for traveling teams but are encouraged to register for the Rec program.

4. If you are entering High School in the Fall of 2020, you do not need to tryout.

5. Tryouts are currently conducted by New Richmond High School Soccer members/coaches. Team formation and rosters are discussed, decided and approved by the NRAYSA Board of Directors.

6. Tryouts for NRAYSA traveling teams are generally held late June or early July each year. Exact dates and times will be posted on the website as soon as they are determined.

7. A non-refundable $25 tryout fee per player/per age group is required. Visit NRSOCCER.COM for details on how to register for the tryouts. All online registration will be credit/debit card only.

8. Players must pre-register for tryouts. If you register on site (not recommended), additional on-site fees may apply. All tryout fees must be paid BEFORE a player is allowed to participate in tryouts. No exceptions.

9. Tryout fee refund policy: Tryout fees are non-refundable unless tryouts are cancelled by NRAYSA.

10. Tryout registration vs Club registration: Tryout registration and Club registration are two separate events. Registering for tryouts allows a player to participate in the process that is used to select higher level team rosters. Registering for tryouts DOES NOT register a player to play for NRAYSA, but only for the tryout event. A player must also register with the Club to be placed on a roster after tryouts. Players who are selected for a traveling team following the tryout process but do not register with NRAYSA, are subject to forfeiting that roster spot if they fail to register by posted deadline. Players will be notified via email.

D. Tryouts – Format

1. Check-in: All players must check in at the registration table, sign and be issued a numbered tryout t-shirt.

2. Duration: Tryouts will be held for 60 – 90 minutes depending on age group and will involve several individual and team activities.

3. What is being assessed? Sessions will be divided into skills assessment and game play activities. Players will be scored on individual skill and technique, as well as overall team play and awareness, along with athletic attributes like speed, strength and agility.

E. Players Missing Tryouts

1. General tryout rules: NRAYSA considers tryouts to be the most critical element in team formation. All players who wish to be considered for the traveling teams must participate in the tryout process. We understand that there might be occasions when it is physically impossible to participate in a tryout session. Examples would be a serious injury or illness. NRAYSA will make an effort to assess players in these circumstances, but ALL players who want to make the higher level team are expected to attend all scheduled sessions. Players must register and pay for tryouts even if they are going to miss tryouts due to an "excused" absence.

2. Absences – excused/unexcused: An absence that is considered “excused” is determined by NRAYSA. Examples of excused absences would be a broken bone, player is on crutches, or player has a serious illness prohibiting him/her from being present. Examples of unexcused absences are vacations, playing another sport, minor cold, social events, etc. The NRAYSA Board of Directors reserves the right to examine cases of extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis and rule on each as it sees fit. Our overall goal is to place the players at the level that fits their skill level. Skill level is most effectively observed and compared in a tryout setting.

3. Why so strict? If tryouts are not a top priority and attendance is not required, then they lose any value they might have in team formation and the whole process is undermined. Attendance at tryouts is critical to the individual and team formation process.

Deadline to Register = June 21


Q = Do I have to participate in tryouts?

A = Yes, if you wish to participate in traveling/select soccer.

Q = Do players need to attend both Tryout Dates?

A = It is strongly recommended that players attend both tryout dates. The exposure of the player to the assessors will ensure
a more complete assessment in an individual and team setting.

Q = We had a fun season last year; can’t we just keep our team intact?

A = NRAYSA policy is that each team is formed based on merit each season. Therefore rosters are not carried over from one year to the next.

Q = Can my child play on the same team as a friend?

A = To maintain the integrity of a competitive program, players are placed based on merit. Higher level teams are formed through the tryout process and playing with friend requests cannot be honored.

Q = I can’t make tryouts, but want to be considered for a traveling team, do I have to register for tryouts and what are my chances of making higher level team?

A = If you cannot make tryouts, but want to be considered for the higher level team, you must do the following:

  1. First, you must register and pay for the tryout session. Only players who are registered for the tryouts will be considered for the higher level team.
  2. Second, you must submit the reason for the absence, IN WRITING, to the President of NRASYA and it will be approved by the BOD. If you have an acceptable reason (determined by the club) for missing, the BOD will attempt to place player using alternate forms of assessment (coach evaluations, previous tryout results, previous playing experience, etc.). See section on missing tryouts above.
  3. If you do not have an “excused” reason for missing tryouts, there is no guarantee you will be placed on the appropriate level team (or on a traveling team).
  4. Tryouts are the most important factor in team placement. Missing tryouts does not eliminate your chances of making the higher level team, but will make it much harder to justify placement on the higher level team.

Q = How are coaches assigned to teams?

A = Coaches are selected each season by the Board of Directors and assigned on a “best fit” basis. Like players, coaches are not
automatically carried over from the previous season. All coaches align with our style of play and NRAYSA philosophy of player development, codes of conduct, sportsmanship and adhere to coaching requirements and expectations. Coaches are required to complete age and level appropriate training and licensing. Coaches may be paid or volunteer. We strive to identify and select quality coaches at all levels.

Q = Are there tryouts for the Fall soccer season?

A = Not at this time.

Q = Who should I contact if I have a question about NRAYSA team formation policies and procedures?

A = If you have any questions or concerns about our team formation policies, please contact the President or Vice President of the NRAYSA. Our goal is to be as fair and as transparent as possible, where players are placed based on merit.

Deadline to Register = June 21

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