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Training Plan

A flexible training plan has been established that will follow red-yellow-green light levels based on what the city and the state organizations will allow. We currently have a YELLOW LIGHT based on COVID spread and health department guidelines. (see descriptions below)

Throughout the course of the Fall 2020 season, it should be understood that ANY AND ALL OF THE LEVELS DESCRIBED BELOW could be in place for a part or all of the season. The level will be determined and reviewed weekly by the Board based on city, state, and federal recommendations.  This registration is for FALL 2020 ONLY.  Spring plans will be evaluated over the winter and a separate registration will be required.

  • Green light – Health Department no longer requires social distancing and WYSA allows Phase III of safety plan

    • two on-field team practices per week

    • TBD Intra-club small sided games

    • Possible games with other clubs and tournaments

  • Yellow light – Health Department allows full-team practices with COVID precautions & WYSA is in Phase II of safety plan.

    • two on-field social distance team practices per week

    • TBD Intra-club small sided games

  • Red light – Health Department only allows groups of 10 people or stay at home order is in place and WYSA is in Phase I or Phase 0

    • TBD small group social distance training that will focus on individual conditioning and ball skills.

    • Club-wide instructional skills and conditioning videos for players to work on at home.

* If we are able to move into another phase, we will send out more detailed instructions. This will help us focus on our current phase without confusion.

** If allowed, any inter-club friendlies or jamborees will be an extra cost.  Game coach fees, game registration fees and referee fees are not included in the fall 2020 registration.


Yellow Light 

Social Distance Practices



Yours and your player's cooperation is required for us to continue with NR Soccer. 

We appreciate your cooperation and support.


Before Practice:

  • Players and coaches are expected to check their own temperature for low grade fever (>100.4.). Coaches or players with a fever should not go to practice.

  • Besides fever, players should not participate in activities if they have any of the symptoms listed below. 

    • COVID-19 exposure in past 14 days 

    • Sore throat 

    • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing 

    • Chills 

    • Headache 

    • Sinus congestion 

    • Cough persistent and/or productive 

    • Joint aches and soreness 

    • Vomiting or diarrhoea 

    • Rash

  • If a player has any of the above symptoms, parents (and not the minor player) should communicate with the club or coach. Speak to a physician and follow CDC guidelines on self-quarantine.

  • Get dressed at home in your training gear so you arrive to practice ready to play

  • Make sure your bag includes all items listed below for COVID safety and write the players name on them if possible:

    • Hand Sanitizer

    • Ball

    • Water Bottle (encouraged to bring two to avoid refills or sharing)

    • Wear Cleats

    • Wear Shin guards

    • Mask (Masks should be worn on arrival and leaving, but may be taken off during practice activities. Masks will also be worn in the case of sheltering during thunderstorm)


Arriving at Practice:

  • Players should arrive or be dropped off at practice within 5 minutes of practice. Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes to avoid unsupervised congregating.

  • Player should be wearing mask on arrival

  • Players will check in with the coach to be marked present.

  • Players should use hand sanitizer prior to practice.

  • Players will place their equipment in designated areas around the field, spaced at least 6ft. apart.

  • All players should bring their own ball.

  • Parents may not remain at the practice and are asked to stay off of the green space/fields during all practices. If parents must stay, they should remain in their cars. This is to comply with limitations on persons per practice area and to exercise appropriate social distancing.


At Practice:

  • Players will be divided into smaller groups, which they will stay in for the duration of the practice.

  • Individual warmups and skills, where every player has their own ball will be emphasized at the beginning of each training.

  • Practices will include passing drills, where two or more players may be using the same ball and are able to stay at safe distances while working on passing skills.

  • Players should not touch any ball other than their own with their hands.

  • When not performing small-sided games or set play activities, players should maintain a distance of at least 6 ft between all other players and/or coaches throughout the practice.

  • All coaches will be required to wear face masks if within 10 ft of players.


After Practice:

  • Players should be picked up or leave within 5 minutes of the end of practice.

  • Players should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after the practice.

  • Players should wash and sanitize any equipment prior to the next practice. Goalies need to remember to wash their gloves immediately after practice.